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Jan 15, 2013 1:00pm PST
, getting the fire under control and rescuing both of them. and amazingly, no injuries were are the roed as a result of this fire. both woman and child got out of this safely. i mean, you've really got to hand it to these fire fighters. >> incredible that they were the only peek that were stuck in this fire. looking at this building, it could have been any number of people that were trapped. >>> four young men in texas were up to no good when they went into a washaterria at 4:00in the morning. e guy is dragging atrash can. watch what's in his hand. lighter fluid. according to police, these guys came in to start and arson fire. >> not only did they do that, they were attempting to break into vending machines with a bat. >> why do you want to light a laundromat on fire? >> i think this qualifies as criminal mischief. >> what a bunch of loser. >> tried to use a chair to break open the window. final something on the outside was able to break the window in. they couldn't light it at first. poured lighter fluid on the ground, threw a match on it, can't work. then this didn't work. then when th
Jan 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
these numbers, upper 20s, santa rosa, mid 20s are in napa, santa ros -- san jose and san francisco in the upper 30s. >> set up on the settle light, showers this morning. big temperatures drop overnight, 20s and 30s as cold air filters in to nosh california. into the weekend -- northern california. >> a few extra clouds generated first thing saturday morning, but once again, saturday morning might be a little warmer than tomorrow. very cold with some front and sun cloud mix. here's our forecast model. 9:00 tomorrow, some showers. basically out to hour west and saturday morning, clouds partly -- partly cloudy. forecast tomorrow, very cold start, cool in the afternoon, upper 40s to lower 50s. san jose 53, and san mateyo 52. >> partly cloudy skies should be dry. cold on saturday morning. a few extra clouds by sunday. back to you. >>> the 2013 silicone valley is now underway in san jose. hundreds of cars, cross overs are -- display. visitors can sit behind the newest models. the auto show runs through sunday. >>> thank you for trusting ktvu clan twoel news. our -- channel 2 news. our cover
Jan 29, 2013 11:30pm PST
physical cliff talks in the u.s. a ro bust housing market doesn't hurt either. >> i'm feeling optimistic. >> reporter: doni conner moved to san francisco for that reason. >> it's pretty easy to find jobs. >> reporter: optimism doesn't necessarily reflect the health of the economy but for now they're all trending upward. >> over all in the dare. -- over all the market is booming. >> reporter: the market is back to levels we have not seen since before the recession. but most economists believe that we're not out of the woods yet. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu news. >>> water measurements taken in the sierra show california's all important snow pack shrank this month. one set of measurements are taking at eco summit combined with other readings. the snow pack is at 93%. earlier this month that figure was at 132%. snowfall was only 13% of the january average. >>> in well above average rainfall for december set us up well because january has been a slow month for rainfall. here is where we are in santa rosa. 112% of average. that's down by still over 102%. no rai
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3